Public Speaking for Executives, Managers & Leaders

Professionals in leadership roles are frequently called upon to speak and present in many different contexts. Being able to do so with professionalism and presence enhances their own credibility as well as that of the organisation they represent. People make all sorts of judgments about us based on how we look, sound and deliver our information. This half-day intensive workshop will show participants how to use the essential tools of public speaking to exude confidence and credibility.

"A most enlightening and beneficial process." - Det. Supt. Steve Gollschewski, QLD Police.

This four hour workshop will deliver simple yet powerful techniques to allow you to:

  • Sound clear, polished and professional
  • Project credibility and confidence
  • Captivate attention with interesting speech
  • Speak persuasively and powerfully
  • Make a positive impression
  • Use body language, gestures and posture to convey confidence and enhance the message
  • Build rapport with listeners
  • Manage the unexpected

Participants will develop their most valuable professional and personal asset - a confident and commanding communication style.

Half-day intensive workshop.

Communicate with complete confidence, credibility and reliability.

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