Professional Speaking Skills

Be praised and admired next time you speak to people, deliver a presentation, conduct a meeting. Win acclaim when you deliver information with absolute clarity. Express yourself with confidence and colour.

It is a shame for you not to have supremely successful speaking skills when so many have discovered it so easily while having so much fun through the Professional Speaking Skills Course.

A polished, professional voice and speaking style will enable you to confidently run meetings, address the public, run productive teleconferences, conduct training or staff inductions, deliver presentations or proposals, speak to the media, or apply for a promotion. This workshop will give you the speaking skills to achieve the results you want.

“An extremely valuable approach to developing professional speaking skills, in which the various techniques taught are immediately put into practice.” Harriet Elvin - CEO Cultural Facilities Corporation

“Irena, your course was so riveting. I actually listened to every word you said (I have a tendency to switch off). By far the best course I've ever done.” Steve Dalton - Director - Dalton Technology

The minute we begin speaking, people make all sorts of judgments about us based on how we sound – judgments such as how educated, professional, interesting, trustworthy and confident we are. These perceptions will influence their attitude towards us and, by association, the organisation we represent. This workshop shows participants how to sound confident, professional, articulate, and dynamic so that they can best represent themselves and their organisation in any situation whether speaking to 1, 100 or 1000. A professional sounding voice is a stepping-stone to career success, while weak, sloppy speech is often associated with sloppy work practices. This ‘hands-on’ workshop that will show participants how to acquire the kind of speaking style that will inspire confidence by sounding professional and polished in any situation. Imagine the benefits to your carreer. Imagine the benefits to your organisation, department or team.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn simple yet powerful techniques to:

  • Sound clear, polished and sincere
  • Project credibility and professionalism
  • Unlock the power of their natural voice
  • Captivate attention with colourful speech
  • Command respect and raise your profile
  • Speak persuasively and powerfully
  • Project confidence in any speaking context
  • Exude energy, enthusiasm and charisma

Through a series of interactive and fun exercises, participants will develop their most valuable professional and personal asset – a clear, confident, colourful, commanding speaking voice.

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD is a voice, speech and communication specialist who works with individuals, businesses and large organisations to achieve peak performance in oral and interpersonal communication. Her organisation, Speaking Edge, empowers clients by building confidence in speaking, voice management, personal power and presentation skills. With a PhD in Educational Psychology and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Irena is a highly experienced educator and professional speaker who understands what works and why when it comes to helping people learn and develop. You are guaranteed a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience that will deliver real results.


9.30am Sound professional! Inspire confidence! Be completely credible! This session focuses on articulation and clarity of speech to. Irena will show you how to train and use your articulators to deliver accurate, firm and fluent speech for excellent diction and clear communication. Never mumble or stumble again!

11:00am Morning Tea (20Minutes)

11.20am Be assured of commanding the attention you want! Have the voice of leadership! Discover the secrets of using resonance and projection to improve the tone of your voice making it fuller and richer, with more ‘staying’ power and carrying power without fatigue. The principles apply whether speaking to three, three hundred or three thousand.

1:00pm Lunch (45 minutes)

1:45pm Make an impression on all who hear you! Speak to persuade and influence! Experience the many ways our voices can be varied to produce speech, which is interesting, vibrant, and confident of always engaging the attention of listeners. Find out how to use vocal modulation, expression and intonation to impress your listeners, deliver your message with style and ensure comprehension of complex material.

3:30pm Afternoon Tea (20 Minutes)

3:50pm Project a persona of confidence, enthusiasm and dynamism! Motivate others. Animate and energise your speaking voice, lose self-consciousness and take command of your ‘space’. This session will empower you with some simple and fun strategies for achieving this.

4:45pm How to implement what we’ve learned. / Feedback/Close

5:00pm Finish

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