Presenting Complex Content Clearly

Do you have to deliver complex information to time-poor people as part of your professional role? Have you ever found yourself wondering how much of it your listeners have understood? And even if they understand, will they remember what you said and use it productively?

Let’s face it, many content heavy presentations are just plain boring!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to design and deliver important information, to busy people, who may not have your level of expertise – so that they not only ‘get it’ but they ‘want it’!!

Today content experts, managers and leaders often have to communicate complex information which others may find difficult to comprehend and apply. The key is to be relevant, organised and engaging. Find out how in this unique and highly acclaimed workshop. Imagine the impact this would have on your productivity and professional standing. The Presenting Complex Content Workshop will give you the skills to design and deliver your content effectively.

“This training has been extremely beneficial. Presentations by officers who have undertaken this program show a marked improvement in the speakers’ style, design and presentation of the material.” Chris Keech. Director. Business Performance and Improvement. Qld Health.

Be praised and admired next time you give a presentation! Win acclaim when you share your information with clarity.

"A stimulating and comprehensive training workshop which engages one's thoughts and forces considerations "outside the box". A very well constructed course offering considerable guidance and insights to presenting complex content." Garth Copcutt. Customer Service Manager. Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research


  • Build your personal and organisational brand.
  • Feel confident about preparing for and presenting in any context.
  • Make potentially ‘dry’ information engaging using innovative preparation and delivery techniques.
  • Win more business by communicating your message clearly and confidently.

“What a great course! The format was excellent with the right blend of theory and practice. In particular, it was impressive to see how easily and comfortably you identified the different needs of everyone and provided specific tools and strategies which we put into practice. I have since employed these with great success.” Dr Andrew Ivory. Program Manager. DEWR

Who Should Attend

  • Technical experts – engineers, scientists, programmers, lawyers, etc.
  • Subject matter specialists
  • Sales people for technical products
  • In-house trainers
  • Managers and senior leaders

Because we are serious about delivering outcomes beyond a one day workshop we offer an extended learning package which includes:

  • A twelve week follow up e-program for each delegate to embed and reinforce the workshop learning
  • A self-paced downloadable home study program called “Achieving polished professional speech: Essential tool for career and life success”.

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