Confident Speaking Course

Imagine what it would be like to speak with absolute confidence, excellent articulation, and professional polish! If you're committed to being the best speaker, trainer, presenter, salesperson, communicator, entrepreneur you can possibly be, then this course is for you.
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Full catering
  • Copy of the double CD set “Achieving Polished Professional Speech: The essential tool for career and business success.” (Valued at $99 if you buy it separately off the internet). Great Value!
  • Great networking opportunities with like minded people (so bring business cards)
  • eBook: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Speaking But Didn't Know Who to Ask

Articulation and Clarity.
  • Be confident of always being clearly understood!
  • Learn activities and exercises designed to strengthen the articulators
  • Develop accurate, firm and fluent speech for clear, confident communication
  • Never mumble or stumble again!

Resonance and Projection.
  • Be assured of commanding the attention you want!
  • Learn the secrets of improving the tone of your voice making it fuller, warmer and richer
  • Devlelop more vocal 'staying' power and carrying power without fatigue.
  • Eliminate nasal overtones
  • The principles apply whether speaking to three, three hundred or three thousand people.

Modulation and Expression.
  • Make an impression on all who hear you!
  • Discover the many exciting ways our voices can be varied
  • Produce speech, which is interesting, vibrant, and engaging
  • Be confident of always captivating the attention of listeners.

Energy and Vitality.
  • Project a persona of confidence, enthusiasm and dynamism!
  • Animate and energise your speaking voice
  • Reduce self-consciousness
  • Take command of your 'space'
  • Discover a freedom of self expression that you never thought possible
  • Learn simple and fun strategies for achieving this.

A customised version of this course can be delivered on-site at your organisation.

This speaking course is truly a liberating experience. Countless people have discovered the amazing benefits of this program. At the end of the speaking course people often say that they were amazed at the kind of voice and speech they hear coming from themselves. They experience a wonderful freedom of vocal expression and self expression that they didn’t think they were capable of. It is an exciting release from self consciousness and a discovery of new capabilities. The best part is that you can use this wonderful personal growth experience to:

  • Grow and promote your business
  • Lift your professional profile
  • Fast track your career
  • Communicate confidently in any context

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