Articulation Masterclass

Professionalising and polishing speech to create a powerful impression!

Learning to speak powerfully, eloquently and confidently is a continuing journey. It doesn’t happen overnight but rather needs to be worked on over time. But the pay-off is ENORMOUS!

Length:4 hours

Cost: $155 + GST

Having confidence in your ability to speak well:

  • Skyrockets your self-esteem
  • Empowers you to meet challenges
  • Powerfully progresses your career or business
  • Fast tracks your personal and professional development
  • Stands you out from the crowd and
  • Gives you an un-paralleled sense of achievement!

You will learn advanced strategies about how to:

  • Prepare your body to produce the best voice possible.
  • Create a voice and speaking manner that will impress clients, customers and colleagues, be it face-to-face or over the phone.
  • Professionalise your speaking voice by sounding clear and articulate.
  • Eliminate mumbles and stumbles.
  • Speak with power, assurance and control.
  • Eliminate common speech faults that detract from professional and polished self-presentation.


  • Learn simple strategies to sound educated, professional and authoritative.
  • Experience a deep understanding of how to speak well.
  • Trouble–shoot your areas of difficulty.
  • Generate momentum and goals for your speaking development.
  • Learn the secrets for always sounding polished, poised and professional.

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