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Office of the Queensland Ombudsman

"The training was extremely successful and well received by all participants. In fact, most participants reported that it was the best training they had received to date, describing it as extremely valuable, useful and practical. I personally was extremely impressed with Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project. By any measure Dr. Yashin-Shaw is an excellent presenter, trainer and public speaker and I would have no hesitation at all recommending her to other public and private sector organisations. It goes without saying that the training achieved all of our intended outcomes."

P. Cantwell LL.B, Solicitor, Assistant Ombudsman – Major Projects Team

Acorn Training and Consulting – Canberra

"Irena has consistently scored among the highest of any trainer we partner with. She is a true professional and she brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the workshops she runs. She confidently handles groups of 20 senior executives with ease and has them in awe with the unique way in which she approaches her topics. She gets people out of their comfort zone in a way which is non-threatening. All attendees agree her workshops are fantastic and they recommend them to colleagues and friends."

John Gleeson - Director - Acorn Training and Consulting, Canberra.

Queensland Health

"Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw Director of Speaking Edge was engaged by Corporate Services Division Queensland Health to deliver "Effective Presentation Skills for Optimising Information Delivery and Audience Engagement" training to 22 officers. The training workshop was delivered small groups of up to 12 people over a one day program. The staff involved randen from senior executive level to project staff that are implementing whole of organisation business improvement initiatives.

I attended the training and found it extremely beneficial. Irena was very professional and spent time with participants to elaborate on content and provided sound tips for skill improvements. The feedback received from the other attendees indicated that it was well received and acheved the outcomes being sought.

I have since attended presentations by officers who had undertaken this training and notice a marked improvement in the speakers style and presentation of the material. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other private and public sector organisations. "

Chris Keech - Director Business Performance and Improvement Queensland Health

Griffith University Post Graduate Students’ Association (GUPSA)

"To prepare our postgraduate students for a Work-in-Progress conference, GUPSA commissioned Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw to conduct two half-day workshops. We were delighted with the results! Not only did participating students acquire valuable skills to apply in the preparation and presentation of their conference papers, they also gained confidence by putting them into practice on the day. Irena developed a workshop suited to our students’ needs. She created a warm and relaxed atmosphere in which students felt comfortable performing group exercises. Irena was able to instil confidence in them in a matter of hours!"

Susan Addison GUPSA

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