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"The training was extremely successful and well received by all participants. In fact, most participants reported that it was the best training they had received to date, describing it as extremely valuable, useful and practical. I personally was extremely impressed with Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project. By any measure Dr. Yashin-Shaw is an excellent presenter, trainer and public speaker and I would have no hesitation at all recommending her to other public and private sector organisations. It goes without saying that the training achieved all of our intended outcomes."

Ronald Quinn – Professor and Director

Colmar Brunton

"Your training program at our retreat was excellent and got all the team members enthused and participating. You provided specific feedback which was positive and constructively critical and the follow up sessions have been good to boost and keep momentum going. Your humour and personal presence are testimony to your own achievements."

Ian Walkley – Managing Director

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