Professional Speaking Skills

"One day training courses often drag and the highlights of the course are meal breaks. But Irena’s course kept me engaged, interested and alert for the entire day and I left feeling I have achieved months of learning not a day! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for making us feel so confident and comfortable."

Kris Benn - AusIndustry

"This was the best course I have ever attended!! Very practical and interactive. Fun, never a dull moment. Brilliant! Thanks!!"

Rachel Chin –Communication & Research, Medicare Australia

"Participants were encouraged and ‘coached’ to gain the most out of each session and to better their skills. The final recital was empowering and, as an individual, I felt lifted and the smiles around the room were resounding."

Belinda Gilchrist - Project Officer – Dept Education & Training – Canberra

"This is the first course I have been to in a long time (if ever!) where my eyes haven’t glazed over after lunch! Very captivating! Well done, Irena, and thank you."

Darna Leonard IT Education Officer, Dept of Finance – Canberra

"Irena’s insightful feedback and no-nonsense approach means the session builds over the day into a complete suite of tools for speaking."

Andrew Dean Customer Service Manager, AusIndustry

"Irena thank you so much for a great workshop yesterday here in Canberra. It was delivered so professionally in all aspects and demonstrated great respect for us as adult learners. You model so well what you teach (I just love listening to the way you speak). The format of the workshop was excellent with the right blend of theoretical information and practical exercises. You were able to make participants feel safe while getting them to move out of their comfort zones. (This is a big issue for me because I have had opposite experiences at some workshops in the past). I also really appreciated the way you were able to individualise the training even in quite a large group. It takes great skill to make everyone feel special. Particularly useful was the way you helped the participants to plan strategies to transfer the learning to everyday situations. When I attend workshops I always learn not only from the content but also from the way the workshop is conducted. This was such a very positive experience. Thank you."

Ritva Eronen - Program Educator, ACT Community Care

"The course is invigorating and fun. It provides clear examples for achieving interesting and effective speech."

Michael O’Connell, IT Project Manager

"Despite being a fairly unconfident speaker, I felt comfortable participating in the verbal activities throughout the day. Rarely have I been able to learn so many relevant skills and techniques in a one day course."

Sarah Vandenbroek - Management Accountant

"I was certainly taken out of my comfort zone but it was very worthwhile."

Mark Schefe - Senior Performance Guidance Advisor

"Irena, through applying your techniques I heard my voice for the first time - and it is beautiful!"

Juliana Fiuza - Assistant Manager, Branding and Publications

"Most speaking courses focus on what to say and how to structure a presentation. This course focuses instead on how to deliver your content with energy and enthusiasm and clarity. The techniques taught are easy to put into practice and can be further developed, including more casual speaking situations. They’re life skills as well as professional assets! I loved listening to the way all the course participants grew in confidence and clarity during the day. I’m looking forward to doing the same!"

Jan Muir – Australian Research Council

"The course helped uncover aspects of how to use my speech and voice that I was not consciously aware of."

Anil Paramadhathil - Doctor, Canberra Hospital

"A very enjoyable course. Certainly not what I expected. A great day’s entertainment whilst learning valuable speaking skills. Paul Evans – Treasury Analyst The course is invigorating and fun. It provides clear examples of interesting and effective delivery."

Michael O’Connell – Director, A.T.O.

"I didn’t realise how many faculties and abilities we have at our disposal to increase our speaking effectiveness. This course improved my articulation and assertiveness in verbal communication."

Kasia Bail – The Canberra Hospital

"This course teaches the fundamentals in a very practical fashion."

Ian Douglas – Senior Analyst, Treasury

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