Confident Speaking Course

"Irena, your course was so riveting. I actually listened to every word you said (I have a tendency to switch off). By far the best course I've ever done."

Steve Dalton - Director - Dalton Technology

"I was looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of my presentations and take them to the next level. Irena’s course is fantastic. The ideas and material are easy to apply and can be used by anyone who is seeking to improve their speaking skills. Thanks Irena I had a lot of fun. "

Eric Diender – CEO – Totale Inspired

"Lack of communication leads to dysfunction in so many different areas of our society. Relationships at home or work either thrive or collapse by how we communicate the spoken word. This course helps create the possibilities of what we may become. "

Jim Uttleymore – Director Aloha-mana Health Retreat Buderim

"Irena runs an amazing programme! Everyone in our course made a significant change to their speaking voice and speaking ability. I don’t think I have ever seen such as outcome for course participants."

Vivienne Golding - Empowering Solutions.

"I have heard others speak highly of Irena’s course. However, the day exceeded my expectations and was extremely worthwhile."

Di Peachey Brisbane Catholic Education

"I found that Irena’s dynamic, informative, and supportively challenging presentation style, frees up the restrictions and perceived limitations in the voice and body.This workshop has helped me to develop a freer, more confident and competent speaking presentation. I recommend it to everyone to either free up their authentic voice and/or to enhance their confidence and communication style for everyday life and for public speaking."

Dr David Kliese, PhD Principal, Trinity Academy of Science & Philosophy

"I thoroughly recommend Irena’s Confident Speaking Course to anyone on the road of personal development. Be prepared to not only learn speaking skills but to discover some of your hidden abilities to grow and develop."

Tracey Hall – Australia Post

"This has been one Of the most enjoyable and informative courses I have ever attended. Thank you for your brilliant delivery, encouraging and skilful coaching and positive energy. I know this course will assist me to achieve my public speaking goals. I look forward to your next course."

Kym McGregor – Noosa Toastmaster

"The level of communication I am now confident in using is much superior to that which I was using. This training is useful in all aspects of speaking from dinner table chatter, boardroom presentations, training sessions and public speaking. It can be applied to all situations. For this reason it is hugely beneficial and I recommend it to all."

Anita Smith - Your Virtual Group

"I found Irena's The Confident Speaking Course very helpful and educational. I came along to learn to speak more confidently, but on the way learned other skills that were new to me such as how to use vowels, consonants and drama principles for good effect. Irena's course is empowering and I thoroughly recommend it for timid public speakers."

Robert McIntyre - Senior investigator, Qld Ombudsman's Office

"I enjoyed the course immensely and have learned new skills enabling me to speak more clearly and confidently in every situation that presents itself. I would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to express themselves better."

Heather Boon- Director, Admin Excellence

"Irena, your Confident Speaking Course was fantastic. I would have to say, that it has been one of the best courses that I have attended and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to express themselves with confidence. From my first contact with you, I knew that you were a true professional. Now I am looking forward to the Advanced Course. "

Robyn Warne - Businesswoman

"Thank you Irena for your support and excellent teaching. I was at first hesitant to enrol in your Confident Speaking Course, not knowing what to expect but I must say you certainly put my fears at ease. Even though we were in a group environment you still managed to take the time to ensure that all who participated received some one-on-one attention and at no stage did anyone feel left out.

The content of the course was interesting, informative and fun which made the day even more enjoyable. I also felt that everything that I learnt that day could immediately be applied to any situation. Your one-on-one private coaching session was also extremely helpful and left me feeling empowered and full of confidence when speaking in any situation.

Working in the real estate industry I believe that the skills that you have taught me will no doubt improve my ability to further enhance my career and I have no hesitation in recommending your courses to anyone in my industry who wants to improve their overall confidence, improve their speaking ability and set themselves apart from their peers. "

Dave Rake -Sales Director, Ray White

"Irena, thank you for sharing with me your superb gifts and talents through your Confident Speaking Course. The gain is almost immeasurable. My career focuses on industry knowledge and more specifically communication. Your course has set me on the road to improvement from my detrimental, self-limiting practice of poor verbal communication and expression. My confidence has grown dramatically and I truly look forward to amazing results daily. I must confess that my total ignorance to the exceptional value that your short course offers almost had me convinced that I didn't need to attend it. After all, I already knew how to speak English, didn't I, or did I? How tragic it would have been for me not to have attended your brilliant course. I can't recommend it more highly. I'd encourage anyone that needs to communicate at any level to do Irena's Confident Speaking Course."

Keith Fitzgerald, Principal -

"I enjoyed the course a lot! It has helped me to build my confidence when speaking. I have learnt how to express myself during presentations. I would certainly recommend this course to others."

Max Chuang - Shoe Designer, Stella Footwear International (Hong Kong)

"This course enables you to discover new meaning and use of words and expressions. Your self-esteem will be enhanced through learned skills and new-found confidence."

Barry McIntosh - Manager - George Hartnett Funerals

"I really enjoyed the course! It was liberating and freeing not only for my voice but also for my movements. There was a friendly atmosphere with encouraging comments. Irena's enthusiastic and energetic approach captured my whole attention. "

Rima Kilani - Natural Therapies Practitioner

"During Irena's Confident Speaking Course, I saw immediate benefits for the participants. I couldn't help but think, if people continued to speak more confidently, it would have to be worth at least $20,000 of extra income through increased business or a promotion."

Ken Warren -Counsellor & Trainer

"The course was structured and delivered very professionally. It will help me a great deal in my interactions with clients."

Mario Bojilov – Meta Business Systems

"I am grateful to Dr. Yashin-Shaw for the help I have received. She has a unique way of presenting and an awesome dramatic ability - truly a model to aspire to."

Asoki Jayawandhare - Toastmaster

"Irena your excellent Confident Speaking Course has benefited me immeasurably both in my professional practice and my career development. I now often receive compliments on my voice and I attribute this to the special skills I have learnt from you. I can't thank you enough. Your expertise ensured that the content was equally relevant for both novice and accomplished communicators. It is rare to find someone who can so graciously educate, challenge, affirm and entertain all at the same time."

Shirley Vine - Lawyer

"The skills I have learnt through this program will carry me through to my life’s ambition. There are only two words which can express how I feel – thank you."

Julie Power – Businesswoman

"Irena’s confident and dynamic personality and extensive experience envelop the participants in such a way that each of us, no matter the personality type, completed the course having learned a huge range of fabulous skills and strategies."

Shirley Cornish – Counsellor

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