Find Your Footstool! How to reach your dream - even if it is on the very top shelf.

This motivational keynote takes you on a poignant but humorous journey of self discovery as Irena shares with you her path to personal power. Have you ever felt like your dream was just out of your reach? Could you see it but not quite reach it … no matter how hard you stretched up from your tip toes? This presentation will inspire you to unleash your personal power by stepping out of your comfort zone and finding and living your passion!

“Thanks for sharing your journey on how you have reached your passion and the perspective shifts that helped you along the way. An inspiring presentation."

Alina Graham Director, Simplitude Solutions.

Objectives and benefits for attendees.
  • Find fresh perspectives on existing situations
  • View circumstances in new ways
  • Break through the boundaries of the comfort zone.
  • Unlock potential.
  • Celebrate your uniqueness

This keynote will reveal the powerful forces that produce high quality communication that in turn increase your productivity, performance and profit.

Our persona and speaking manner impacts on the quality of our interactions with others – both in our personal and professional lives. Quality communication yields quality outcomes, relationships and customer service.

“Irena’s presentation on ways to optimise your speaking style, was riveting and enlightening. She is entertaining and professional and very relevant to anyone who speaks in public or communicates to groups. In a 1-hour presentation, I received enormous value that I can now apply to my communication."

Rafaele Joudry Founder & Director, Sound Therapy International.

Objectives and benefits for attendees.
  • Find out how to identify and overcome the invisible communication barriers that can kill productivity, performance and profit.
  • Learn the secrets of the great communicators.
  • Discover the rapport building behaviours that facilitate high quality communication.
  • Realise the benefits of adapting your persona and communication style for different contexts.
  • Help you customers and clients to have total confidence in your skills and abilities.

People form impressions about us based on how we sound. A confident speaking voice will inspire confidence in others. If our speech is polished, professional and pleasant then people will consider us accordingly. On the other hand, sloppy speech is often associated with sloppy practices.

This session will deliver practical, immediate-use strategies for clarity, continuity and colour when speaking to deliver phenomenal vocal impact in any context.

“Irena is a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter who ensures that you walk away with practical applications to immediately transform your communications. "

Heather Boon, Maximum Results

Objectives and benefits for attendees.
  • Discover how to create a voice and speaking manner that will impress clients, customers and colleagues be it face-to-face or over the phone.
  • Learn simple but powerful strategies for professionalising your speaking voice by sounding clear and articulate.
  • Experience the secrets to sounding empowered, assured and in-control.
  • Find out how to colour your voice to always be an engaging speaker who will captivate and hold the attention of your listeners.

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