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Keynote Presentation - Public Speaking: Opening minds, Opening doors!

This presentation is specifically aimed at generating interest in public speaking among high school students. It raises students’ consciousness about the wide range of skills acquired through participation in a school’s co-curricular and extra-curricular public speaking program. The process of preparing a really good speech develops a student’s ability to conduct research, synthesise ideas, problem solve, assess the relevance and relative worth of ideas and information and how to use that information for presentation impact. Students also learn how to manage nerves and present themselves credibly in a stressful situation. Most significantly this activity helps students acquire the single most important factor for success in this world. Self confidence!

Workshop - Confident Speaking for Students

This workshop shows students how to speak with confidence, clarity and charisma. The length of the workshop can be tailored for various contexts from a full day event to a two hour experience. The focus is on acquiring immediate-use skills in diction, resonance and vocal modulation through active participation and fun exercises. This workshop is also great for teachers!


Workshop - Voice Care and Optimisation for Teachers

Teachers are the largest group of professional voice users in the country. Their voices are their most important professional tool which needs to last them the length of their career. Unfortunately voice problems are common among teachers for many reasons. Learning environments today are interactive spaces where learners work in groups, discuss, question etc. That’s great, but it does mean that the noise levels can place excessive demands on the voices of the teacher. Fortunately there are a number of simple steps and strategies available to educators to help them to maintain an effective voice for their entire career and beyond.

This seminar provides some simple but powerful strategies for teachers to make optimum use of their voice. Learn from an expert who truly understands the dynamics of a learning environment. Discover how to:

  • Avoid long term or permanent voice problems.
  • Keep the voice free and relaxed.
  • Reduce demands on the voice or misuse of voice.
  • Use correct breathing procedures to minimise vocal strain.
  • Use the body’s natural, built-in amplifiers.
  • Project the voice.
  • Use intonation, inflection and modulation to create a voice that is :
    • Expressive
    • Engaging
    • Confident
    • Adaptable


Conference Keynote – Find the footstool: A new perspective for embracing change and loving life.

Ideal for principals’ conferences and executive retreats, this 45 minute keynote will ‘edutain’ audience members with a unique perspective on embracing change. Sometimes all we need to do is to find a footstool so we can step up to discover a new outlook that transforms the way we view a situation. Obstacles can be opportunities in disguise – it all depends on how we look at them.

One of the greatest challenges we all face is finding purpose in negative events and turning them to our advantage. Gain insight and inspiration in how to do just that from this uplifting and informative presentation.

  • Turn frustration into fulfilment
  • Transform disappointment into a date with destiny
  • Find a higher purpose in setbacks
  • Step up to discover a new perspective
  • Embrace change and love life!

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