As a professional educator, Irena has helped HR practitioners, trainers and leaders within organisations to develop and apply innovative and effective strategies for facilitating learning. Use Irena’s consulting and coaching services as the perfect learning complement to her innovative and enjoyable workshops and keynotes.

The Art of Advancement Package for Leaders

This package is designed for established and emerging leaders who wish to advance their profile and careers by increasing their effectiveness in speaking, presenting and thinking.

While each one of these workshops is excellent as a ‘stand-alone’ event, together they create a powerful synergy of skills that propels professional performance which in turn translates into better outcomes for teams and organisations.

Irena's guarantee to you and your organisation.

Irena will:

  • Customise the training to your organisation with thorough research
  • Use high quality handouts and resources that will serve as ongoing support and reference material following training
  • Interact appropriately, consistently and sensitively with your staff
  • Listen to your needs
  • Provide the expected outcomes
  • Use relevant examples and stories that have contextualised meaning to enhance learning and skill development
  • Keep the administration procedures simple and efficient

"Dr. Yashin-Shaw's training was conducted over two days at our offices. The 14 participants were officers who held investigative and other senior roles within our office. The participants ranged from experienced presenters to those that had never conducted a training session. I was one of those 14 persons who attended.

The training was extremely successful and well received by all participants. In fact, most participants reported that it was the best training they had received to date, describing the training as extremely valuable, useful and practical.

I personally was extremely impressed with Dr. Yashin-Shaw's attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project. By any measure Dr. Yashin-Shaw is an excellent presenter, trainer and public speaker and I would have no hesitation at all recommending her to other public and private sector organisations. It goes without saying that the training achieved all of our intended outcomes."

P. Cantwell LL.B
Assistant Ombudsman - Major Projects Team
Office of the Queensland Ombudsman

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