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Achieving Polished Professional Speech
Achieving Polished Professional Speech

Many business owners and managers are held back by their inability to express themselves clearly, confidently and professionally. They may suddenly find themselves having to address board meetings, provide staff training or even speak to the media. Yet often they have never had any real training and their message is lost through sloppy, uninspiring and muffled speech patterns.

Using a real workshop context, the two audio CD's in this set will take you through a series of exercises that will transform the accuracy, fluency and clarity of your speech. It's like having your own personal voice coach but now you can practice when and where you choose. Learn proven, powerful yet simple strategies guaranteed to have you sounding polished and professional, so that your next presentation is the best one you've ever done.

$5 Postage & Handling in Australia.

Cost: AUD$99.00 (includes GST)

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