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3 Keys for Confident Communication
3 Keys for Confident Communication

If you want to ride the fast track to excellence in oral communication and enjoy the success that it brings, then you need this CD. First learn the basics of how to prepare yourself before speaking in any context. Then discover the advanced secrets of how to use your speaking muscles, speech patterns and vocal expressiveness to captivate the attention of all who hear you. Imagine the impact on your bottom line profit, professional credibility and career prospects if your clients, customers and colleagues genuinely enjoyed listening and speaking to you? How would it skyrocket your business or career if all who heard you became as enthusiastic about your message as you are? This CD will deliver the means and mechanisms by which you can achieve a speaking style that you can be proud of.

Taped before a live audience in a real workshop context, this CD includes a participant’s manual so you can join in the exercises. Use these three proven keys for confident communication to unlock the power to express yourself and your ideas with clarity, colour and confidence.

$5 Postage & Handling in Australia.

Cost: AUD$55.00 (includes GST)

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