A speaking manner and communication style that is confident and professional, that builds rapport and inspires confidence is a powerful profressional asset.
“Absolutely amazing opening keynote! Informative, inspiring and lots of fun.”
E. Barnard, ALIA Conference.

“Entertaining, informative, professional presentation. Enjoyed it immensely!”
D. Carter, Arbonne Nat. Conference
That good communication skills correlate strongly with career success. Contact us if you want to raise your professional profile.

People form judgments about us based on how we look and sound - not just on what we say. Contact us to learn how to use your voice, speech and persona to your advantage.
Innovative Edge
National Speakers Association of Australia

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Speaking Edge

Speaking Edge is an organisation dedicated to fast-tracking clients to communication excellence. We have keynote presentations, workshops and extended programs to meet your needs. Contact us to find out how you can:

Speak with professionalism:

  • Deliver polished, professional presentations
  • Compel attention through vocal clarity and colourful self-expression
  • Communicate with impact

Lead with confidence:

  • Convey complex concepts simply, clearly and creatively
  • Inspire respect and credibility
  • Think on your feet

Accelerate business success:

  • Build a sales team that ignites enthusiasm for your product or service
  • Leverage your time by effectively delivering your message to large groups
  • Generate confidence in your business

Create a professional workplace:

  • Improve rapport among colleagues and with clients
  • Raise productivity through clear communication
  • Engage staff with interesting and transferable professional development

Good speaking skills are essential for success in a competitive marketplace.

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